Welcome to the webpage dedicated to fundamental research at the new cyclotron that is being installed at the Bronowice Cyclotron Center (CCB) of the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN in Krakow.

In December 2012 a new Proteus C-235 proton cyclotron, delivered by the Belgian company Ion Beam Application (IBA), will become operational at the Bronowice Cyclotron Center located on the premises of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków. The proton beam is planned to be used with a special rotating gantry, allowing treatment of complicated cancer cases with a precise scanning beam. In addition to medical applications, an experimental hall has been designed for research in the field of nuclear physics, radiobiology, dosimetry and medical physics.

The new cyclotron equipped with a dedicated energy selector will be able to deliver a fairly monoenergetic beam of protons in the energy range between 70 MeV and 230 MeV, and currents between
1 nA and 500 nA. With this beam, we plan a research program which encompasses:

  • dynamics of a few-nucleon systems and physics of nuclear clusters aimed at getting new insight into the nucleon-nucleon interaction,
  • measurements of collective, high-energy excitations in nuclei (e.g., giant nuclear resonances) in the yet unexplored regions of excitation energy and spin,
  • high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy of nuclei produced in the process of proton-induced fission and spallation,
  • tests of elements of the modern detection systems that are being constructed for the large scale nuclear physics facilities in Europe (SPIRAL2, FAIR),
  • development of the new treatment planning systems for hadron radiotherapy,
  • new methods for dosimetry and diagnostics of the proton beam by employing modern active and passive detectors
  • The CCB will also be used as an education and training center. In particular, it will provide to the PhD and undergraduate students an excellent opportunity for participating in the forefront in-beam experiments.

    We are looking forward to your ideas regarding research at CCB and to collaborating with you!

    CCB is a part, together with SLCJ in Warsaw, of the Polish Consortium NLC (National Laboratory of Cyclotrons). From 2022 NLC-CCB is a Transnational Access facility in the EU EURO-LABS