Cyclotron PROTEUS C-235 (IBA Company)

Proteus C-235 isochronous cyclotron with proton energy selector – will deliver a proton beam of energy from 70 to 230 MeV (energy dispersion ΔE/E < 0.7%) and beam intensity from 600 nA (3.3*10^12 protons/s) to 0.1 nA (6.6*108 protons/s), beam emittance of 11 π mm mrad (horizontal) and 12 π mm mrad (vertical), beam energy changes using a graphite absorber, energy switching time ~1 second.

Energy Selector transmission efficiency is listed in the table below:

For longer runs the maximum current from the cyclotron is 20~nA, and this was assumed in the plot below.