Transnational access to the TNA NLC-CCB infrastructure at the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) under the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative

European Commission supports financially foreign research teams within the HORIZON2020 Programme ENSAR2 – European Nuclear Science and Applications Research 2 (Grant Agreement n° 654002).

The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences offers access to CCB infrastructure with support of the European Community through the ENSAR2 contract in the framework of H2020-INFRAIA-1-2014-2015, for the period from March 1st, 2016 to February 29th, 2020.

This contract enables IFJ PAN to reimburse the travel and living expenses of researchers coming to carry out experiments during this period.

Priority is given to new users and young researchers.


This contribution can be allocated to scientists if they work in an Institution established in a Member State or Associated State (excluding Polish scientific institutions). To be eligible, the experiment must have a spokesperson or a co-spokesperson from a foreign Institution and the majority of the users must work in a country other than Poland.

Access for user groups not working in a EU or associated country might be allocated and is limited to 20% of the total amount of units of access provided under the grant.


The financial contribution covers (partly or completely) the travel and living expenses during the experiment at IFJ PAN.

The travel expenses are reimbursed on the basis of the original travel tickets and boarding passes up to a maximum of €360. The higher travel cost can be covered exceptionally but it is not guaranteed.

The daily subsistence including accommodation is granted with 250 PLN per day. Day of arrival and day of departure are counted as one full day.

How to apply

Only members of experiments approved by the IAC and by the IFJ PAN Selection Panel could obtain a financial contribution. The Selection Panel meets at the occasion of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) meetings or by videoconference.

After the approval, the spokesperson is informed (by letter or e-mail) of the acceptation of his experiment. Then the spokesperson has to send the application for financial support to This form should mention the approved experiment and include the names, nationalities, affiliations, period of stay (arrival and departure date).


Every publication resulting from the experiment supported by ENSAR2 should contain the following acknowledgement:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°654002.