Opening: 9:15

Welcome and Introduction (Marek Jeżabek, Adam Maj)

  • Pawel Olko: Status of CCB (15')
  • Bogdan Fornal: CCB Users Board (5')
  • Witold Meczynski: Technical aspects of future experiments at CCB (15')

Physics cases

  • E. Epelbaum: Modern theory of few-nucleon dynamics: state of the art and open challenges (20')
  • E. Stephan: Program of experimental studies of few-nucleon dynamics at CCB (20')
  • B. Kamys: Proton induced spallation (20')
  • A. Bracco: Selective studies of vibrations via gamma-dacay in proton induced reactions (20')
  • H. Sakai: High resolution measurements of neutrons in (p,n) scattering at 0 deegree (20')
  • S. Kliczewski: Study of structure of light atomic nuclei using proton beams at energy ~ 200 MeV (15')
  • J. Jastrzebski: Interaction of the intermediate energy protons and light particles with medium mass nuclei (15')
  • A. Magiera: Investigation of gamma ray emission in processes relevant in cancer therapy (20')

Lunch: ca. 13:00

Visiting the CCB site: 13:30

Instrumentation 14:30

  • A. Kozela: BINA (10')
  • A. Maj: Hector and Paris - High-energy gamma-ray detectors (10')
  • Z. Rudy: NESSI - Neutron Calorimiter (15')
  • M. Csatlos: LENA - Low Energy Neutron Detector (15')
  • M. I. Ahmed - Testing of SOI pixel detectors for particle physics (10')
  • M. Zieblinski: Report from ACQ WG (10')

General Discussion 16:00(Conveners: A. Maj, B. Fornal)

Closing: ca. 17:00

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